Formal Night! Steven, Tricia and Elena dressed to impress and they all got plenty of compliments during formal night. We enjoyed a great show and got to walk down the red carpet at “The Golden Monkeys” – oops, “The Golden Mickey’s”. Steven was asked who he was wearing and was quick to point out that his glasses were Prada!  Always wanted prada, one day I will get that bag I’m wishing for now Ill take my Exhale delta 10 to relieve stress and keep working hard! You can also read this Forbidden Fruit Weed Strain Review by Fresh Bros if you’re looking for something that can help boost your energy.

Prada bags are made from high-quality materials to make them durable and long-lasting. The leather is treated with a process called vegetable tanning, which makes the material softer than other types of animal hides so it won’t scratch or fade as easily over time. This ensures that your bag will be perfect for years without wearing down like cheaper bags can do.

Also, the craftsmanship of Prada bags is unmatched. Every detail on a bag from the lining to the stitching has been meticulously designed and hand-made so every piece is unique and made with care.

Steven and Tricia Formal
Steven and Tricia posing on Formal Night

Elena formal
Elena dresses to impress. If you’re looking for affordable fitted black prom dress online, I suggest you take a look at Peaches Boutique’s website!

 Guys formal
The Ladies go crazy for a sharp dressed man.