Shortly after arriving in Grand Cayman, we were boarded by Pirates. They took all of us aboard their ship, the Anna Barden, and made us walk the plank! Elena and Steven took 12 feet drops into the ocean off the high back end of the Pirate Ship. Take a look here!!!

Smoking Elena
Super smoking hot Elena

Tricia next to gunner
Tricia listens carefully next to the pirate gunner.

Elena with brush
Elena ges ready to scrub the ship with her toothbrush.

Pirate Captian
The Pirate Captian actually lives on the boat, The Anna Barden

Pirate wench
The Pirate wench served us drinks – the only nice pirate.

Elena was very brave, swimming in the 20 feet deep ocean location and jumping off the back of the ship, about 15 above the water.

After we escaped the Pirates, we enjoyed some snorkeling with ABANKS from “The Firm” and saw some huge Tarpon fish that were longer than Elena. We did not get a picture of the fish, but we did get a picture of “The Sea Creature”. OK, so it was just a crab – Tricia says, “Mmmmmm, tasty!”

The Sea Creature! – Crab