Day Ends with Stingray in my bed!

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With all of the swimming activities we did, the only place we saw a stingray was in our room.

Good Night.

Cool looking stingray on the bed

Finally the ship – THE DISNEY MAGIC

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And I was finally able to get a great shot of the ship, The Disney Magic!

Disney Magic
The Disney Magic off the shore of Grand Cayman



Goofy paints
Goofy helps on the ship by painting the name.


Day Four – Grand Cayman and Aaargh Pirates!

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Shortly after arriving in Grand Cayman, we were boarded by Pirates. They took all of us aboard their ship, the Anna Barden, and made us walk the plank! Elena and Steven took 12 feet drops into the ocean off the high back end of the Pirate Ship. Take a look here!!!

Smoking Elena
Super smoking hot Elena

Tricia next to gunner
Tricia listens carefully next to the pirate gunner.

Elena with brush
Elena ges ready to scrub the ship with her toothbrush.

Pirate Captian
The Pirate Captian actually lives on the boat, The Anna Barden

Pirate wench
The Pirate wench served us drinks – the only nice pirate.

Elena was very brave, swimming in the 20 feet deep ocean location and jumping off the back of the ship, about 15 above the water.

After we escaped the Pirates, we enjoyed some snorkeling with ABANKS from “The Firm” and saw some huge Tarpon fish that were longer than Elena. We did not get a picture of the fish, but we did get a picture of “The Sea Creature”. OK, so it was just a crab – Tricia says, “Mmmmmm, tasty!”

The Sea Creature! – Crab

Guess What It Is?

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Guess our bedmate for tonight.

Nobody really knows what this was supposed to be. Steven thinks it was a dog, Elena thought it was another elephant and Tricia was not sure. You decide and send us an email and let us know what you think it is.

Good Night!

What is it

What is the towel bedmate?

The Room Grows Color!

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We had dinner at at the Animation Palate and it was delicious. Thanks to our waiters Edward and I Ketut. The walls were black and white when we walked in, and they were magically transformed into color be the end of our meal. See Simba from the Lion King below. Pretty cool.

Simba in Black and White
Simba in Black and White

 Simba in Color
Then Simba in Color

Formal Night

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Formal Night! Steven, Tricia and Elena dressed to impress and they all got plenty of compliments during formal night. We enjoyed a great show and got to walk down the red carpet at “The Golden Monkeys” – oops, “The Golden Mickey’s”. Steven was asked who he was wearing and was quick to point out that his glasses were Prada!  Always wanted prada, one day I will get that bag I’m wishing for now Ill take my Exhale delta 10 to relieve stress and keep working hard! You can also read this Forbidden Fruit Weed Strain Review by Fresh Bros if you’re looking for something that can help boost your energy.

Prada bags are made from high-quality materials to make them durable and long-lasting. The leather is treated with a process called vegetable tanning, which makes the material softer than other types of animal hides so it won’t scratch or fade as easily over time. This ensures that your bag will be perfect for years without wearing down like cheaper bags can do.

Also, the craftsmanship of Prada bags is unmatched. Every detail on a bag from the lining to the stitching has been meticulously designed and hand-made so every piece is unique and made with care.

Steven and Tricia Formal
Steven and Tricia posing on Formal Night

Elena formal
Elena dresses to impress. If you’re looking for affordable fitted black prom dress online, I suggest you take a look at Peaches Boutique’s website!

 Guys formal
The Ladies go crazy for a sharp dressed man.

Out At Sea – All Day

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Day 3 – Our first full day out at sea. No stops, no land, no getting off the ship – and finally plenty of rocking back and forth, thanks to the choppy seas. Nobody got sick, but we could definitely feel the swaying back and forth. So to combat that movement, Elena hung out with Pluto by the pool and then took part in singing Y.M.C.A.

Elena and Pluto
Elena with Pluto by the pool.

Elena does YMCA
Elena doing YMCA

A Little Song and Dance, and then A Lobster!

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Dinner was excellent, then we hit “Studio Sea” where Jeff sang Billy Joel’s “Still Rock and Roll to Me”, Kara sang a High School Musical song, and Steven brought the house down with his rendition of The Little Mermaid’s “Under The Sea”.

Our bed guest tonight – the Lobster!


The Lobster Towel
A Lobster brings us chocolates in bed.

Tricia Tries to Crash Goofy’s Pajama Party

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After a much needed nap and some relaxation in the our stateroom, Tricia got Elena ready in her PJs, to have fun at Goofy’s Pajama Party. Tricia was not allowed to stay so we had dinner at Lumier’s where our waiter was quick to ask, “Where’s Baba?” The nickname Steven calls Elena sometimes. Of course Elena was having a great time playing at the party.

Elena and Mommy
Tricia and Elena at the Ocean-ears Lab.

Day 2 Starts Slow – Finishes Fast!

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We got a late start to the day, but not as late as the Ellis’. After a great breakfast at Tom Siders Buffet, Tricia and Elena hit the pool while Steven got a work out in the sweet gym above the bridge.

Within an hour, we arrived at Key West where Steven and Kara braved the White Knuckles Thrill Speed Boat Ride, where they survived 70 to 80 mph speeds on the open seas and lots of 360 degree turns. Steven lost his Under Armor hat to the sea, but at least he did not have to fight off any sea creatures! (inside joke between Steven and Disney folks)

Steven and Kara - Boat
Kara and Steven stand next to the boat of death!

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