Phase III – Acceptance and delivery of the NeoMagic software will pay Synapse up to US$1,000,000 for its development work as part of the final agreement for the completion of the IP USB 3.0 transceiver. These fees must be paid after compliance with the conditions set out in Annex 2, Part A (“Financial Annex”) and other terms agreed by the parties in the Final Agreement. Based on the specifications of the IP transceiver USB 3.0 in the technical annex, Synapse is expected to contribute approximately $1,000,000 in services and materials to complete this evolution. Phase II – Software Development and Installation and Docular have a number of web design and development agreements. 8.1 Software. The Developer agrees that the development of the Software (with the exception of development tools) “Rental Work” within the meaning of the Copyright Act 1976 is amended from time to time and that the Software is the exclusive property of the Customer. “development tools” means materials, information, trade secrets, generic programming codes and segments, algorithms, methods, processes, tools, data, documents, notes, programming techniques, reusable objects, routines, formulas and models, designed: (a) before the software and used by the developer in connection with the software; (b) are designed to perform generalized functions that are not specific to the specific requirements of the customer or software; (c) do not contain confidential information of the Customer or other information or material provided by the Customer; and (d) it cannot reasonably be expected to provide an advantage to the customer over its competitors. .