Below you will find all the resources for the preliminary agreement that has been presented. The provisional agreement was presented to the Representative Assembly on 17 April 2019. On Tuesday, April 30, members approved the provisional agreement by 1764 votes to 336. Appendix F – Below are links to the presentation of Appendix F, which was made at the AR. You will find the full language above. Download and check the necessary instructions – PDF, including information on the Family Coronavirus Liability Act (FFCRA) and on the Health Insurance Marketplace. Full TA Presentation – PDF of Google`s Presentation Schedule: First Placement and Exam of the Ar Presentation Initiated by Teachers – Below are two links to the presentation that was shared at RA. One of them is a link to the google presentation. The other is a link to a PDF of the same presentation.

The presentation contains links to the contractual language. You will also find these links below. Below you will find your working group on salary details and contractual information. Language changes – Below you will find links to all other language changes to the treaty. Each link opens a PDF file only to that part of the contract. Salary Calculator – (If you click on this link, an Excel file is downloaded). Salary classification table – step and step – Annex F (own version) – Annex F, update without modification of the red line. 2.54 – Schulabteilung 6.1 – Unterstützung und Ausrüstung6.5 – Teachers` collaboration time7.2 – Pedagogical Council8.2 – Supervision of secondary and intermediate schools8.45 – Special Education CommitteeArtikel 9 – Teachers` Authority and Protection15.22 – Parent-Teacher Conferences26.1 – Hospitalization-Major Medical Insurance26.3 – Tax-Sheltered Annuities and 403(b) MEA Savings – Elementary Workload CommitteeMOA – MTSSMOA Committee – Safety Council teMOA – Tactical Assessment TeamMOU – Early ChildhoodM OR – Para-Educator Intervention Team (PIT). Aufstieg zu höherem Gehalt – Vereinfachte Erklärung der Vergütungssprache im Zusammenhang mit der Gehaltsplanaufstiegung. .

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