Companies, research institutes and other bodies, as well as persons active in the field of aviation and environmental impact and who qualify to participate in the activities of the association on a limited and/or temporary basis, may be accepted as an associate member on the basis of a cooperation agreement. NB: An organisation of the European Virtual Institute is planned for the longer-term future of ECATS (2015). This implies further harmonisation and, as far as possible, the integration of members` capabilities in aviation research and development and environmental impact. In addition, this includes any other adaptation of the organization due to changes in the field of research or other circumstances. For the continuation of the activities of the association, the meeting of members may create committees and/or advisory bodies (statutes, Article 16). An overview of the activities of each committee must be approved by the General Assembly before work begins. The participation of members in the activities of the committee is voluntary. Without prejudice to the rights of the participating members, the meeting of members shall adopt other provisions, rules of procedure and internal rules governing the activities of the Committee. The full members of the association are composed of the (ten) founding members and any entity or organization that can join the association after being constituted as a full member in accordance with the statutes (Article 4) and may not be less than three.

At the invitation of a full member of the association, another legal person or organization with legal capacity may apply to join the association as a full member. In principle, this affiliation is open to the Association of Research Institutes and Universities which can demonstrate significant and high-level activity in the field of aviation and environmental impacts, either with regard to their technically advanced skills or with regard to high-quality institutions. In 2010, a full member joined the association. In 2010, the International Association ecats was created under Belgian law (i.e. an AISBL: International Non-Profit Association). It is a European cooperation and non-profit organisation, with excellent expertise and research facilities for its members in the fields of air and the environment. The headquarters of the association is located at 1050 Brussels, Belgium, 98 rue du TrĂ´ne.