In July 2014, Amazon added the Kindle Unlimited subscription service, which initially offered unlimited access to more than 638,000 titles and more than 7,000 audiobooks for a monthly fee of $9.99. [11] [12] In June 2015, there were more than one million titles in Kindle Unlimited[13] from publishers such as Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, Lonely Planet, Pottermore, Simon and Schuster and Timber Press. [14] In February 2017, the U.S. version of Kindle Unlimited contains more than 1.5 million titles containing more than 290,000 foreign language titles. [15] Amazon pays authors a price per page and in 2016, nearly $200 million was paid to authors. In 2019, Amazon has paid more than $300 million to authors and publishers who provide content to Kindle Unlimited. [16] Publishers have already entered into agreements with Amazon, which limits the degree of decoder of its titles. The Kindle store offers e-books in Amazon`s proprietary e-book formats: AZW and for the fourth generation and later For Kindles AZW3, also called KF8. [22] In August 2015, the Kindle Format 10 (KFX) file format was added to the store, which improved typography. [23] E-books available in KFX are listed on the e-book description page. The Kindle Store is an online e-commerce store run by Amazon as part of its retail site, which can be accessed through any Amazon Kindle, Fire Tablet or Kindle mobile app. When the Kindle was launched in November 2007, the store had more than 88,000 digital titles in the U.S.

store. [1] This figure rose to more than 275,000 at the end of 2008 and exceeded 765,000 in August 2011. [2] As of July 2014, more than 2.7 million titles were available[3] and more than 6 million titles are available in the U.S. as of March 2018[4] Store content is purchased online and downloaded via Amazon Wi-Fi or Whispernet to bring content to the user`s device. [5] One of the innovations Amazon brought to the store was the purchase of a click that allowed users to quickly purchase an e-book. The Kindle Store uses a recommendation engine that reviews purchase history, browsing history and reading activity, and then offers material to appeal to the user. Amazon Kindle Unlimited has a diverse catalog of content. You can rediscover old classics like The Color Purple or immerse yourself in the last secrets of murder, courtesy of popular authors like Patricia Cornwell. There is also more Genteel fare with content like Marley and Me, which will certainly warm the coldest hearts. Amazon says more than 700,000 books are accessible through the service. A-Z Quick Jump if your library is sorted by title or author.

“Kindle Unlimited” costs 7.99 $US per month, but readers do not receive books like The Lord of the Rings, Agatha Christies or Gillian Flynn`s bestseller “Gone Girl “. This option is supposed to be great, but it doesn`t work. Anyway, not anymore. App itself is very limited when it comes to managing your items – you can`t do almost anything with them (like move, delete, etc.). It should be a great companion to the Kindle camera, but it certainly isn`t.