You`ll find an Excel table in the ZIP TRACS Industry Specification file to help you determine the amount of refund due. The calculation table also contains examples that will help you report them correctly on a voucher. Characteristics are required to make the necessary corrections to all previous certifications affected by the unreported amount of income. These corrections led to adjustments for proof of the changes made. Features are required to report all repayment agreements to Section 7 of MAT30. Detailed information can be found in the MAT User Manual, Chapters 4 and Chapter 6, as well as in the instructions published with the form on page HUD 5. In addition to the 2013-06 Housing Communication, you will find more information about this in HUD 4350.3, Chapter 8, Section 4, to help identify when an owner should investigate; How to distinguish between tenant errors and fraud and how you took action in the event of a discrepancy. If a resident does not report or report income, it affects the amount of assistance they receive. Once the income gap has been discovered and verified, corrections are required to the resident`s previous certifications to ensure that the correct amount of assistance is paid. He can pay back a lump sum. Entering into a repayment contract or a combination of the two.

If the tenant is unable to repay the difference between the assistance initially paid and the adjusted amount that contains unreported income, a repayment agreement should be reached. Repayment agreements have specific requirements described in HUD Housing Notice 2013-06. (Visit our resource centre for a copy of this message.) Please visit the resource centre to read hud and manual instructions. As payments are received by the tenant, the accommodation will declare the payment on section 7 using the agreement ID. Owners/agents may withhold some of the money collected to cover expenses resulting from the lack of an income/program ratio. The funds withheld must be the lowest amount of the actual cost or 20% of the amount recovered by the tenant, as described in Chapter 8, 8-21, B-2 of manual HUD 4350.3. The hosting must enter the contractual information into its software and have a unique agreement identifier for each instance of erroneous messages. This ID is required for cancellation and any payment made. Additional cases of false information would require a new ID agreement. Cancellation (this is a positive amount to compensate for negative adjustments generated by corrected certifications) and is indicated in the reimbursement agreements (section 7) of MAT30. The amount of cancellation must not exceed the adjustments generated by the corrected certifications.