Awesome episode and raglak scenes are excellent love nice finally my raglak are happy next party soon not finish ff its day always interesting day after day thanks for your damning comments I`m not so good to give in the romantic scene, so if it`s not to your expectations pls forgive me Raglak appreciate the pleasure of their new love Ragini “Laksh I love you so much Laksh :I like them to say ragini, that he kissed her on his neck and then on the ragini lips taken with passion on this full So Laksh derailed his saree and took off his blouse Then his petticoat and finally he took off his br -Now ragini was full nak-d Laksh was kissing ragini all over his body he sucked their hard bre , but Laksh was in the mood Hour After That ragini turn took off his shirt and pants now Laksh was also ragini`s nak and Laksh kissing each other`s lips The next morning raglak raglak room Raglak slept peacefully in the embrace Ragini got up first and saw herself in Laksh hugging she remembers blushing from last night She draped a bed sheet over himself and went into the laundry after a while ragini looked alike and looked at Laksh sitting on the bed with sleepy:arre Laksh They stood hello Laksh:Hello darling then Laksh went into the laundry room and came, After a while Laksh saw that Ragini sat in front of the mirror and comb his laksh came indront from the mirror and saw that ragini was lost in the thought : what happens ragini, what you think Ragini do not answer Laksh shaked ragini and ragini came “what happens ragini, what you think Ragini:I thought about how family members can say that we are together Laksh:Do not worry, I told you laksh said casually Ragini shocked () : why you told everyone when Laksh:last night, after you said yes, I all and all agreed Ragini (confused): “For our wedding He said while he had his hair Ragini: Before what you will say Laksh Laksh:offo my dear wife will wait I will tell you earlier when we got married I was not happy I was not happy , but now I want to marry you again and this time with my consent Ragini was in tears Laksh:why cry raginiini:they are tears of happiness Laksh I am very happy I am very happy , someone who loves me so much Laksh: ok now go down ragini everyone will wait for us Ragini:wait us, why Laksh:You will soon learn raglak down and ragini is surprised to see gadodias tgereswar going and gossiping swara hugs:I` m so happy for you ragini finally get your love Ragini:thank you Swara And all congratulations Laksh and Ragini and the elders bless raglak Dadi:Dp ji I spoke with panditji and he said that tomorrow is the best mahurut for raglak wedding so I thought we can do raglak marriage with Swasan wedding, if you have nothing against Dp “no khakisa we have no problem indeed , we will be happy to reunite our two daughters in the laws Ap:yes khakisa You are ready to do bidaai your granddaughter Shekar:ok now Dp ji we take your vacation now Sumi:ragini beta come Laksh:whaere my Sumi:oh la ho Laksh beta today, you let go to their parents at home, because from tomorrow your only Sumi teases you and ragini stamps laksh feet Ragini (whispering to Laksh) : what was the need of how these Laksh (whispered) to ask:that ragini I can not do with them now Ragini blush these swara:come ragini let go Ragini takes all the blessings and leaves to baadi you reach baadi and everyone is used in the preparation of the wedding said Swarwaragini Do not do work, so they went both in their room swara :ragini you know I`m so happy for you Ragini:yes, I`m also very happy Swsrsgini talked for a while and they slept Story Outline: The story touches a year in the lives of two strangers reunited by marriage, arranged by their respective families and how they both struggle with their respective past and if they are in position , to put love and belonging in an unwanted relationship or not! Part 1 … Let`s start the game will continue The bottle is woven and it stops on viruses and uttara Uttara:so Bhai truth or dare virus:truth Uttara:to say that every girl loved me,