The problem with calling the tenants and using them with “Pay your rent” chants is that they are not alone. There are only four teams in the NFL that own and operate the stadiums in which they play. That`s understandable. Rams fans don`t want their team to share the stadium, and former Chargers fans in San Diego will never understand why the team would leave their 56-year-old homeland to be a hot topic in Los Angeles` crowded sports landscape. Amount of public subsidies for the construction of the stadium: none. Developers will receive tax relief of up to $100 million as soon as the stadium opens and operates. Amount of public subsidy for the construction and operation of the stadium: more than $920 million since 2000. This includes $455 million paid by Hamilton County, plus $258 million to finance construction. LAS VEGAS — The lease of a Las Vegas NFL stadium won`t be ready until the league`s owners meet at the end of this month, if they can possibly vote on whether to allow the Oakland Raiders to transfer.

When Chargers Chief of Staff Fred Maas shows stadium renderings, there`s a massive Chargers logo on the stadium awning, Chargers logos on the 70,000-square-metre Oculus screen that will hang from the roof, Chargers logos on the field and on the TVs in the suites and halls. It`s like the Chargers` house. There is no sign of the Rams having similar representations of their home games. The Las Vegas board of directors heard Thursday about the Houston lawyer he has engaged in negotiations. Among the topics discussed were provisions that could be included in the agreement that would guarantee the brand name features of the University of Las Vegas stadium football team of the University of Nevada that would play home games there. “There is a huge amount of collaboration that goes into the stadium, naming rights and founding partners,” said A.G. Spanos, Chargers President of Business Operations. “These partnerships are done in collaboration with both teams, and we`re really working together to make it the best stadium in the NFL.” Amount of public subsidies for the construction of the stadium: $70.5 million for infrastructure improvements. The $180 million construction cost budget was funded by private sources Some of the league`s most iconic stadiums do not belong to the teams that play there.

The Dallas Cowboys play at AT-T Stadium, nicknamed Jerry Jones, the owner of the cowboys. However, the stadium is owned by the city of Arlington and the cowboys pay $2 million per season in rent. The Chicago Bears pay $6.3 million a year to play at Soldier Field, owned by the Chicago Park District. The Green Bay Packers pay close to $1 million a year for the game at Lambeau Field, which is owned by the City of Green Bay and the Brown County Pro Football Stadium District. Amount of public subsidy for stadium construction: $513 million (including $186 million for upgrades and an additional $193 million for repairs after Hurricane Katrina in 2005). The Raiders paid $3.5 million in rent to play at the Oakland-Alameda county Coleoptum in 2016, compared to $925,000 for the 2015 season. The team has options to stay at the stadium for the 2017 and 2018 seasons. The team has been looking for a new stadium for years, as it tries to get out of the obsolescence of Oakland-Alameda County, which is the only stadium used by both an NFL team and a major league baseball team, unable to generate Raiders revenue as there may be more modern stadiums in the league.