SJSU articulation agreements are formal agreements between a transfer campus and the SJSU. They determine how courses taught in a transfer school can be used to meet a SJSU requirement. Graduate students of the AAS and the curriculum prescribed in this transfer agreement and admitted to the CSU-P (without academic deficiencies requiring additional work) are guaranteed: Mou`s are non-binding generic agreements facilitating academic, cultural and pedagogical contacts between the parties. They show the willingness of the parties to exchange staff and students, short-term visits by staff and students, cooperation in research projects and the exchange of academic materials, publications and information. Calendars of activities are generally not included in an agreement. The Transfer Joint Unit maintains current and historical lists of articulation courses with public community colleges. You can most easily access your community college`s CAW on ASSIST. San Jose State University has completed its transfer studies with more than 130 public colleges and universities in California. SJSU has additional articulation agreements extending beyond California public schools, which can be found in the links below of the GE Breadth and Transfer Evaluation System (TES). Current study programs/major documents with specific transfer agreements with California public institutions [California Community Colleges (CCC), California State Universities (CSU) or University of California (UC)]. These courses should be completed before the transfer, whenever possible. These are lists of courses at public colleges or universities in California (CCC, CSU or UC) that are accepted for specific courses at San Jose State University. These articulation agreements apply only to major or minor requirements applicable to the SJS.

They do not apply to GE requirements. The CCC, CSU and UC articulation agreements for GE are available on the GE Breadth or TES link below. Although priority is given to California community colleges and universities, several agreements have been reached with independent and non-state institutions to best meet the needs of our transfer students. This joint is housed in TES, including the PDF chords below. General broadband education agreements consist of current courses that a student can take at a California university college or another CSU to meet the requirements of California State University. International GE agreements are available below on GE`s width page. Joint agreements developed with California Community Colleges, California State University or the University of California identify courses accepted in place of courses at Stanislaus State.