2.1 Terms of Payment (a) The Customer must pay the fees charged by Cloudspace in the manner specified in this Agreement. b) The customer must pay 100% in advance for each month or four weeks (depending on the month). c) Invoices are sent on the first day of each month (for the following month) with 14 days to pay. (d) disputes and/or invoice corrections by one of the contracting parties are collected within the first seven (7) days after receipt, after which the invoices are considered to be true and correct. (e) In the event of a dispute over whether a tax or other amount in this agreement should be paid, the client cannot withhold the amount at issue. Cloudspace will not: d) violates this agreement accordingly; or (e) be held liable for a failure or delay in the performance of CloudSpace`s obligations under this contract; To the extent that such a failure or delay is caused in whole or in part, this agreement is signed directly or indirectly by a force majeure event or by an act or omission of the Client This agreement is signed between Cloudspace Services (hereinafter called “Cloudspace”) and all registered customers who use our services (hereinafter referred to as “customer”) and regulates the agreements by which Cloudspace provides access to BPO staff in the Philippines. Western governments could try to compensate workers affected by outsourcing through various forms of legislation. In Europe, the Acquis Directive attempts to tackle this problem. The implementation of the directive varies from country to country. In the United States, the Trade Adjustment Assistance Act is designed to compensate workers directly affected by international trade agreements. It is questionable whether this policy provides the security and just compensation they promise.

8.1 If the client or a related corporate body presented a direct (temporary or permanent) job offer to a cloud space service provider that performs a task for the customer (or who has made a transfer to the customer in the past 12 months) accepted by the Cloudspace service provider, he must pay AUD 10,000 USD PLUS FOR each cloud service provider employed by the customer. 8.2 At the end of this contract, the client or a related entity may only make a contract offer, permanent hiring or other contracts to a cloudspace service provider performing a transfer to the customer (or who has made a transfer to the customer in the previous 12 months) within 12 months of the end of this contract. 8.3 The client cannot offer directly to friends, family, staff, recommendations or the network of a cloudspace service provider without cloudspace`s participation and agreement, a contract, contract, project or indeterminate contract.