term. The duration of the agreement will begin to be implemented and the employment of the partners will begin on August 24, 2020. The Partner understands and recognizes that the employment may be terminated at will and at any time at the will of Benefitfocus or the partner, notwithstanding all other provisions of this Agreement, including Section 19 of this Agreement. This agreement remains in force until it is terminated in accordance with the wishes of one of the parties or in accordance with Section 19 of this agreement. Covenant No to ask for collaborators/consultants. The partner agrees that the partner does not work directly or indirectly on his own or in service or on behalf of another, for a period of one (1) year after the termination of the employment of the partners with Benefitfocus, for any reason, through partners or Benefitfocus, (i) request, redirect, lease or (ii) hire, distract or hire an employee or advisor of Benefitfocus or one of its affiliates who are working or experienced in the business (as defined here), or (ii) to request, distract or hire a Benefitfocus employee or advisor or one of its related companies working or experienced in the company (as defined here), whether the employee or advisor is full-time or full-time or full-time. , employment or commitment is made in accordance with a written agreement or employment is determined. For the purposes of this agreement, “business” refers to the activity of providing companies with human resource management and wellness management services through a web-based system. B. With effect on the termination date, the hiring of executives within the company ends. Unless this is expressly provided for, as required by current legislation, or as is the case with company plans, directives and agreements, executive is not entitled to any further compensation or benefits for company employees after the termination date. CONSIDERING that the parties intend to set the terms of employment of executives from the date of termination and the directors` severance pay, and provide for the general release of the company by management in accordance with the employment contract; The partner agrees and accepts that the partner, during his employment and for a period of one (1) year after the end of the association with Benefitfocus for any reason, by the association or by Benefitfocus, is neither directly nor indirectly (except in the name or with the prior written consent of Benefitfocus) in his own name, (i) to request, redirect or be fit for a competing business (as defined below) or (ii) to attempt to recruit a person or agreement on or for a competing company that was a potential benefitfocus customer or marginal person at the time of termination and with whom the partner had direct material contact within six months of the partner`s last employment date.

, or to be fit for a competing business. For the purposes of this agreement, the concept of a competing company refers to the transaction of providing companies with human resource management services and benefit management services via a web system.