It remains to be seen how effective all these conversions are, especially for middle-aged workers, Buscaino said. One of his friends is a mechanic whose background with cars and trucks positions him well to add robotic maintenance to his abilities. On the other hand, “my brother-in-law Dominic, who is now a Longshoreman, he has no idea how he will work on these robots. And he`s 56.┬áHal Varian, chief economist at Google, has a simple way to predict the future. The future is simply what rich people have today. The rich have drivers. In the future, we will have driverless cars that will take us everywhere. The rich have private bankers. In the future, we will all have robotic bankers. The company has been manufacturing silicone skin, RealDolls steel skeleton for more than a decade. They`re leaving for about $4000. But today, for an additional $8,000, a customer receives a robot head stuffed with electronics, propelling facial expressions, a voice and artificial intelligence that can be programmed via a smartphone app. In the past, people didn`t think children would build a country.

However, this view will change in the future. Teenagers are the next generation that will one day control and lead the world. This makes it an important role for young people in society. What they do, what they do, what they are exposed to, all has consequences, not only on our personal future, but also on the future of society as a whole. When they develop well, study hard and are always creative, their community becomes more and more modern. It is clear that each generation is growing up in a completely different world. A country`s prosperity in the future depends on the generation of adolescents. When we were teenagers, we need to have faith and power in ourselves. We need an initiative.

We are responsible for generations to come. If we do not change ourselves, how will improvements occur in society? “Contrary to fears that automation techniques and robots will put millions of workers out of work around the world, employment opportunities will not disappear, but they need to be developed. While the jobs that robots have been able to replace and do not need human beings, there are still jobs that involve superior technologies. The Utah-based company manufactures portable robots called exoskeletons that give the strength and precision of a machine to a worker`s movements. Delta Air Lines had just begun testing a Sarcos aircraft with aircraft mechanics when the pandemic decimated air traffic. All of our current AI and all we can create in the near future are tools designed for specific jobs and totally useless outside of the specific tasks for which they were designed. You have no thoughts or feelings. These IAs will be as likely to take over the world as your Xbox or toaster. I`m Peter. I`ve been dreaming about having a robot for a long time. In the future, I will be able to build a villa on the Moon. I`m going to live with a teaching robot, a worker robot, a robot doctor and a home robot.

I will be able to do difficult homework with the help of educational robots. A worker robot will help me build new homes. A medical robot could take care of me if I am sick. And a robot at home does my chores every day. It`ll be comfortable. I`m going to be able to research science and invent new things. Some people say it`s a bad habit to rely on robots. But I think robots are very useful for human life. These works will speak of the human experience. We will appreciate a human artist who speaks of love, because we have that in common.

No machine will really know love, as we do.