In this context, it is therefore essential that the documentation of funds be properly verified in order to avoid confusion and to clearly distinguish the division of duties between the family physician and the manager. The constitutional documents of most FIA generally state that the family physician has all the rights and powers relating to the FIA that can be assigned to the family physician under corporate law, subject to any specific restrictions provided by the managers` agreement, and provided that the family doctor cannot do anything or exercise powers that constitute a regulated activity under the AIFM Regulation. what is meant by external events that are beyond proper control and whose consequences would have been inevitable, despite all the contrary efforts envisaged in paragraph 12; Delegated acts should also be adopted to determine the conditions under which the delegation of managerial functions should be allowed, as well as the conditions under which the manager has delegated his duties, as long as he becomes a mailbox unit and can no longer be considered an AIF administrator; determine, with regard to custodians, the criteria for assessing whether prudential regulation and prudential supervision of third countries in which custodians are established have the same effect as EU law and are effectively applied, the information that must be included in the standard agreement; the terms of the trustee`s functions, including the type of financial instruments to be included in the scope of custodian bonds, the conditions under which the custodian may exercise his custodian obligations on financial instruments registered with a central custodian, and the conditions under which the custodian should retain the designated financial instruments registered with an issuer or filer; custodians` obligations of vigilance, the obligation of segregation, the conditions and circumstances under which financial instruments held on deposit must be considered lost, which is meant by external events that do not have the effect of proper control, the consequences of which would have been inevitable despite all contrary efforts, and conditions that have an objective reason for discharge of liability. Delegated actions should also be adopted to define the content and form of the annual report that managers must make available to each FIA they manage and to define managers` advertising obligations to investors, reporting obligations and the frequency of these obligations to the relevant authorities. 10. The ESMA makes available to the public best practices that can be identified in peer reviews. In addition, all other peer review results may be published, provided that the relevant authority is in agreement with peer review. The scope of this directive should be limited to companies that manage alternative FONDS as ordinary activities – whether the FIA is permanent or closed, regardless of the legal form of the FIA and whether the FIA is listed or not – to raise the capital from a number of investors in order to invest this capital in the interests of these investors, in accordance with a defined investment policy. The AEMF should advise the determination of the Reference Member State and, if necessary, the exemption with regard to compatibility with an equivalent rule. Specific requirements should apply to the exchange of information between the competent authorities of the reference Member State and the competent authorities of the manager`s host Member States. In addition, Article 19 of the Regulation (EU) no Mediation procedures provided for by Regulation (EC) No. 1095/2010 apply in case of disagreement between the competent authorities of the Member States regarding the determination of the State member of reference , the application of the exemption in case of incompatibility between compliance with this directive and compliance with equivalent rules of a third country and the assessment of compliance with specific requirements concerning the third country of the third country manager and, The