Although neither the standardization of professional standards nor the professional education code of the vocational education institute require the use of written agreement contracts, the use of a written agreement to provide the details of the assignment is a sound business practice. The customer undertakes to provide the company with the following equipment and/or services: 7.8 This agreement, all the attached schedules and all other agreements covered by this agreement or to be provided by the parties under this contract constitute the entire agreement and agreement between the parties with respect to the purpose of this agreement and merge all prior discussions between them and replace any other agreements or agreements that could have been concluded between the parties to the extent that such an agreement or agreement is related to the provision of services (the name of the company). (Company name) acknowledges that it did not reasonably rely on any other insurance or statement that is not included in this Agreement or that was made by a person or organization other than xxxx. To the extent that the terms of (company name) s or other correspondence may be inconsistent with this agreement, this contract is more controlling. 5.3 Each party accepts that, in the absence of the other party`s explicit written agreement, it does not use the other party`s confidential information for any purpose or transmit it to third parties. Each party undertakes to protect the confidential information of the other party from use or disclosure that has not been authorized by or in accordance with this Agreement by measures and to exercise a degree of care at least as protective as the latter, xxxxx or (name of the entity) which, in the circumstances, exercises the confidentiality of its own information, but no less than a degree of due diligence. Each party only allows access to the other party`s confidential information by persons (a) who have entered into a written confidentiality agreement with the other party on conditions as restrictive as those set out in it and (b) who, in the course of their duties, require access to the rights of the other party in relation to the rights of the other parties under this agreement. This standard consulting contract defines the legal relationship between a company that provides consulting services with another company in the province of British Columbia, but can be used anywhere. Feel free to adapt and use it to meet your contractual needs. Don`t forget, though; It`s always a good idea to have a lawyer check a contract before signing it. Preservation is a payment made in the form of an advance for the benefits to be paid. Preservation is often included in the letter of commitment as a security letter and involves the client`s obligation.

The client and the entity recognize and accept that specifications and all other documents and information relating to the performance, production, creation or expression of the service or work product are the property of the customer. Documents provided between the company and the client (the “confidential information”), including, but not limited, documentation, product specifications, drawings, images, photographs, diagrams, correspondence, supplier lists, financial reports, analyses and other furnished real estate are the exclusive property of the owner (the owner) and constitute valuable business secrets. Both parties retain confidential information confidential and may not, at any time during or after the duration of the agreement, disclose or disclose confidential information to third parties, directly or indirectly or in part, without the prior written consent of the possessing party.