If, at the time of registration, you come across a government-appointed official who abuses the resources available to him or if it is a violation of the applicant, you can report it to the court at any time. Under the 1908 Registration Act, the proposed offence can be up to 7 years in prison. Stamp duty – Tax is paid to the government when an agreement or transaction is established. Stamp duty is calculated based on the value of the transaction. It is paid to the government by purchasing stamp paper at fair value. New Delhi, the proud flourishing capital of India is the center of the main government buildings, the Parliament, etc. Delhi is also famous for its rich past and its share of historical monuments such as the India Gate, Qutub Minar etc. This combines with the pleasant climate and buzzing activity, Delhi makes a popular place for job opportunities to get around, leading to tons of people heading to this charming delhi city in search of jobs and better opportunities. And this eventually led to a huge demand for rental property in exchange for leases in Delhi. To register a lease agreement, the lessor is required to provide the following documents: The Registration Act of 1908 states that among documents requiring mandatory registration, “the rental of real estate from one year to the next or for a period of more than one year or the booking of an annual rent” is one.

If the duration of your lease is 12 months or more, registration of the lease agreement is mandatory. The registration of rent/rent in Delhi has a special procedure that must be followed by all. The tenancy agreement is nothing more than a reciprocal agreement between the landlord and the tenant, which defines details such as the duration, the amount of the rent, the conditions and responsibilities of the landlord and the tenant. A rental agreement can save time and trouble for both the landlord and the tenant.