BUYER agrees to compensate BUYERS ADVISORS for services provided when BUYER enters into a real estate purchase agreement in New Jersey. (BUYER) undertakes to cooperate exclusively with BUYERS ADVISORS for the purchase of real estate in New Jersey for an initial period of 4 weeks. This agreement is then automatically renewed for more than 4 weeks. Our fees are paid, like other real estate agents, from the transaction to the conclusion and is a percentage based on the final purchase price of the property you purchase.A. If you purchase a property in New Jersey during our agreement, our compensation is as follows: You and we sign and date the agreement to show our consent to the specified terms. It is recommended that a buyer who wishes to be represented by a buyer enter into a separate purchase agency contract in writing with the brokerage company, which must work as its representative. Our minimum fee is 2.5% (we offer more service, education and information than you`ll find elsewhere). Therefore, we do not offer “limited services” because we are a full service purchaser agent. If the seller offers less than 2.5%, you agree to make up the difference to meet our minimum fee. Other real estate agencies in New Jersey can use what is called the Buyers Agency Exclusive Agreement. This agreement stipulates that you only work with them; BUT, if they want to show you a property listed by their office, the agreement gives them permission to become a “dual agent unveiled” working with you and with the seller.

This agreement can only be amended by a written agreement signed by both parties. We have access to all the goods That Seller`s lists in Northern New Jersey. Depending on the area of choice, we can use one or more of the 4 MLSs we subscribe to. Most real estate agents do not have access to all of these resources. We never work on the side of a seller, contractor or developer. Ordinary real estate agents often do. BUYER explains that BUYER has not signed an agreement to engage BUYER with another real estate agency. We agree never to work on the side of a seller. Other real estate agents cannot guarantee it. Our agreement starts from the date you decide to sign it. The contract is automatically renewed after the initial deadline of 4 weeks every 4 weeks This agreement can be terminated by both parties with a written period of 5 days to the other party.

We receive a fee for our services that are only due if you are buying a home in New Jersey. Although we can`t help you buy in New York, Pennsylvania or Connecticut; We can usually refer you to an agent who represents you. If a contract to purchase real estate has not yet been concluded, this contract will remain in effect until the end of the transaction. We look every day for new real estate offers that meet your needs. We use our experience to check new properties for you and as a result, we can show you more homes than most real estate agents because: (1) Sellers usually list their property for sale with a listing agent with a total real estate commission between 5% and 6% of the total “list price” of the property. The reason for this is that these commissions are negotiable between the seller and his agent. As soon as a seller`s agent has signed a list contract with his seller, he enters that offer into the local multiple list system to which the agent belongs. FOR BUY AND LOUER “In signing this consumer information statement, I acknowledge that I received this statement from the Van Dyk Group before discussing my motivation or financial ability to buy or rent with one of its representatives. Signed______________________________________________________________________________ DECLARATION OF THE BUSINESS RELATIONSHIP I, Judith Seddon, as a prosecutor of the Van Dyk Group, intends to cooperate with you as a from that date; (Choose one) – Seller only – Only the buyer`s representative – Seller and double agent disclosed if