Ustralian bibliographic dictionaries, including the first four editions of the outstanding Australian Johns and Fred Johns annual as well as subsequent editions of Who`s Who in Australia, which rounded out our funds until 1941, three 1927-1935 issues of the International Press Service Association illustrating who`s Who in Australia and some biographical monographic dictionaries from the 19th and early twentieth centuries. The National Portrait Gallery of Australia is very grateful for the work of the two volunteer librarians. In addition, 72 works of art from private collections and public galleries, museums and libraries were borrowed to design the NPGA collection. Photographer Andrew Cowan living in Sydney for the most remarkable photographic portrait. Political and were important in the construction of the national portrait collection. The National Portrait Gallery of Australia has a budget for the development of the collection, supported by the Commonwealth Government, to acquire portraits for the collection supplemented by $0.066 million in funds from public sources for the purchase of works of art. A total of 28 works of art were donated to the National Portrait Gallery during this period. The NPGA welcomes the support of the Commonwealth government and the generosity of donors to support the improvement and development of the national portrait collection. Website Development During the 2013-14 fiscal year, the online team worked to rediscover the National Portrait Gallery of Australia

The rehabilitation project aims to improve the ability of our audiences to discover, share and communicate with rich content. In addition to a complete overhaul, the search functionality has been updated and the system for collecting information from the collection system has been improved. “A choreographed Cate Blanchett. Paul Kelly as Olympic god Atlas. Here are some of the figures that are unveiled in the digital portrait collection. The National Portrait Gallery has partnered with ABC Splash to develop this resource. From the National Portrait Gallery collection, the portraits open up new possibilities to explore a theme. The results — moving, frightening, humorous, informative — are far from static and traditional portraits.

By mid-June 2014, the Digital Portraiture ebook had received more than 1,600 pageviews and 1,120 direct entries since it was posted in hilda`s self-portrait [Hilda Chinese in the Hat] c.1913 by Hilda Rix Nicholas. Pastel and Colored Pencil on Paper 56.0 x 38.0cm Gift donated by Bronwyn Wright 2013 Offered by the Australian Government Cultural Gifts Program Management and Storage The National Portrait Gallery of Australia accepts museum museums for the management and storage of the portrait collection.