Despite the high quality of care provided in Malta`s public health system, an increasing number of Maltese citizens and residents have entered into private health insurance. The S1 form allows British nationals to access public health care on the same basis as a Maltese citizen. You are entitled to an S1 if you receive a UK state pension or certain other benefits. Learn more about the S1. The UNITED Kingdom is the only EU country with which Malta has such an agreement. Not all UK benefits that can be used abroad allow you to benefit from UK-funded health care. Learn more about using benefits when you move abroad or if you go to Jobcenter Plus to claim a benefit. If you work or are self-employed, you pay social security contributions in Malta. They hate you for free public health care. Malta`s public health system is extensive and covers many services, including specialized care, hospital care, prescriptions, prenatal and post-natal care. National health services are mainly funded by general tax revenues and national insurance premiums. There is usually no charge to pay at the user`s point, unless you are not entitled to health care. You may be entitled to public health care paid for by the UK if you live in Malta and receive: you are entitled to public health care as long as you meet the requirements of the Maltese social security system.

Australian residents travelling to Malta can receive free health care for the first six months of their stay. This bilateral agreement will only work when medically necessary while an Australian resident is in Malta. This guide will be updated if the way you get public health care in Malta changes. There is no appointment system for a family doctor. If you need treatment, go to your nearest health centre. Some EU expats in Malta, such. B that retirees or seconded workers, can request a portable S1 document in their country of origin. These workers continue to pay social security contributions in their home countries, but not in Malta. If you have issued an S1 portable document, immediately apply for a certificate of authorization from the authorization unit. You must keep a certificate of authorization with you in order to obtain free health care in Malta.