To learn more about the New Homes setting, click here. LHC`s New Housing Framework provides public sector organisations across England and Wales with easy access to volumetric and panelised building systems manufactured at the plant for use in new construction projects. Typical types of buildings that need to be purchased through the framework are educational, sanitary and municipal buildings, fire stations and police stations, offices, housing and student housing. This framework is fully compliant with the OJEU and is suitable for residential applications and other types of public sector buildings. This free framework offer proposes the design, supply and installation of flat roofs and related works, including: This framework has been defined in strict compliance with the UK public procurement rules for use by public authorities in the UK, as described in the LHC Buyer Profile ( and as stated in the contract communication: For more information, see the framework page of the LHC website. Our Whole House Refurbishment – Associated Works Framework and DPS provide an efficient and affordable supply route for the delivery of public housing renovations. LHC offers a simple basic service. We bring together buyers and suppliers to build, rehabilitate and preserve social housing and public property, more efficiently and cheaply, and to use the local community. Our frameworks for local authorities, social owners and other public bodies are OJEU compliant and free to use. LHC-compliant frameworks are FREE-TO-USE and can be used by local authorities, social landlords and other public bodies to procure works, products and services for the construction, renovation and maintenance of social housing and public buildings: the PB3 framework is the successor to its framework for schools and collective buildings. The six lots include the construction of new construction, the expansion and renovation of public and social buildings, as well as infrastructure works.

Members in each region have the opportunity to create and distribute a community performance fund. The fund is generated from the discounts that members receive when they issue more than a certain threshold for LHC executives. This framework is intended only for the use of public sector organisations in England. Alan Ludewig, Sales Manager for Rollalong, comments; “We are very pleased to be securing a place in this LHC framework agreement for the next 4 years, and we look forward to expanding and establishing ourselves in the housing market and becoming one of the leaders in public housing construction in the Southeast and Southwest.” LHC, the non-profit consortium that was created to provide effective procurement solutions to local authorities, housing companies, schools and other public bodies, has given Rollalong Ltd a position on its framework agreement for the provision of volume housing outside the southeast and southwest site. LHC frameworks provide members with not only compliance, quality and the best benefits, but also an optimized process, from the tender process to the end of a project. The LHC framework is national and PEC Environmental is called in the frameworks for London, the south-east and the north of England. Delivered from our headquarters in Winchester, we have the resources to deliver our services at the national level. The LHC flat roof framework is available to all local authorities, housing companies and other public bodies in England, Scotland and Wales. This framework provides access to national system manufacturers/suppliers and their manufacturers of local and national licensed facilities. Environmental CEPs were named under the N8C framework, which includes available services: 17 hours of construction in the UK increased by 1.0% (US$128 million) in October 2020 compared to September – the smallest increase from the month of Covid-19 wreaked havoc.