(vi) If there is disagreement among the members of the Disciplinary Committee about its findings and recommendations, the matter is forwarded to the Standing Committee for Negotiation (SNC) for consideration. 4. If Stage 3 fails, the local union will inform the EU Regional Industrial Relations Delegate to meet with management and try to resolve the problem. This agreement applies to all permanent workers who choose to join the Union. “The majority of members accepted this agreement last weekend and most of them are satisfied with the guaranteed benefits.” Negotiations for a first collective agreement are underway between Unifor Local 444 and GFL Environmental. “We received a retirement plan in the collective agreement. They have a good package of benefits in the collective agreement and have only received a few general rules of work that they must respect now. It went really well. “The workers were very happy to hear the details of the agreement, and I had no negative feedback, to be quite honest. 28.3 Contributions from EU members are deducted from the wages of unionized workers at source and deposited by the employer into an account that the Union is authorized to manage. “They`re the old town`s looters, the city relocated them and the workers came to us and wanted to join the union,” Says Cassidy.

“We have signed it and look forward to a fair and just agreement.” No worker covered by this agreement is threatened, detained, coerced or discriminated against by the employer because of affiliation or legal activity on behalf of the union. MEPs voted 95% in favour of the agreement, which includes pay rises, improved benefits and a pension plan. 2. If the matter is still not settled at this level, the local union may request a meeting between the management of the union and the management of the subsidiary concerned, the director of staff being at that meeting. The number of days to be granted is determined by the employer in agreement with the local union and takes into account the circumstances that require the request for casual leave. 8.4 If the employer asks workers to take time off during the short-term season, local workers and union officials are properly informed. iii. No worker covered by this agreement is obligated or authorized to enter into a contract or agreement with the company on terms of employment, pay rates and working hours that differ from the contract as reflected in the agreement.

(i) a contribution-provided pension fund scheme is set up to provide workers with benefits for the amount of service under this agreement. A disciplinary committee of five (5) members, composed of 3 executives and 2 persons representing the local union, is responsible for investigating all cases of misconduct against an employee and submitting a written report to management for review. Stay up-to-date on what is happening at Unifor and how the union is improving the lives of all workers in Canada. Subscribe to our Uniforum e-newsletter. “We have been negotiating since August 2018 and in November, members voted for a strike mandate, so it was a difficult but rewarding process to reach this agreement,” said Doug Boughner, Local Vice President 444. No worker covered by this agreement is required to enter into a contract with the employer regarding the terms of employment and wages covered in this agreement, or he may not be associated by the employer with the Union without prior discussion. The employer may, after consultation with the Union, ask the worker to take out a loan in case of specialized training. Cassidy says the union represents nearly 60 workers. Unifor Local 444 employees voted 95% in favour of a three-year collective agreement with Green For Life Environmental Services (GFL).