Distribution Agreement This type of license is an agreement for the creation of a warehouse or overseas outlet for defense products exported from the U.S. distribution must be located in an authorized distribution area. Technical Assist Agreement (TAA) A Technical Assist Agreement (TAA) is an agreement on the organization of defence services or the disclosure of technical data. Unlike a DSP-5, discussions can take place about technical data. A TAA is required for the training of foreign armed forces in the use of defence articles. However, the production of “know-how” is not permitted and permission to manufacture U.S. defence items by a foreign person is not granted. 4) Foreign employees: You have a foreign employee who has access to ITAR-controlled technical data in your company. In this context, DTC offers you the choice between a DSP-5 or a TAA. The DSP-5 is a simpler application, but it has a shorter validity period. The degree of technical detail decrying the scope and nature of the technical data that the foreigner receives (often the most difficult part in compiling DSP-5 or TAA applications) is the same for both applications. At a very unclear point, ODTC may require a TAA in this context. Try a DSP-5 first, and if it is returned without action (RWA), go to a TAA, or start with a TAA and leave for a 10-year validity period.

If you go to DSP-5, you must get the stranger to sign a confidentiality agreement. DSP-85 This type of license is used for classified defense items and associated classified technical data. It is used for permanent export and temporary export or temporary import. Manufacturing License Agreement (MLA) The manufacturing licensing agreement is required for defence services when technical data is provided or used to perform defence services. Unclassified technical and unclassified data may be exported to promote an approved manufacturing license in accordance with 22CFR124.3. This license allows the manufacture of U.S. defense goods by a foreign person abroad. 1) Unique documents: If you have a single document containing technical data such as. B technical characteristics in a proposal, test report, project, maintenance manual, etc. Keep in mind that if you grant someone the right to authorize the production of your ITAR defense article, you must obtain a manufacturing license agreement instead of a DSP-5 or a TAA.

Let`s take a closer look at The Illogic by definition. 120.9 define a “defence service” covering three areas: “aid provision,” “military training” and “installation.”