I am Canadian, I have lived and worked in Canada from the age of 16 to 50. My husband is American, and he`s lived and worked here for eight years. We are considering moving to the United States. I`ve been contributing with the maximum rate for about 15 years. My husband below the maximum rate. If we move, will he be entitled to a CPC or an OAS? I believe that, from what I read in your column, at 65, I will be allowed to my CPC if I am prepared to bring it together. Do you know how long I have to go to the SS to collide? Medicare is the U.S. national health insurance system for people aged 65 and over or people with disabilities. Medicare consists of two parts: hospital insurance (also called “Part A” Medicare) and Medicare insurance (called “part B” Medicare).

You are entitled to free hospital insurance at age 65 if you have worked long enough under U.S. Social Security to qualify for a superannuation. People born in 1929 or later need 40 credits (about 10 years of covered work) to qualify for a pension. Thanks to Doug, As tracking my income in 2014-5 was close to the maximum clawback level, but in 2016 (first real year of retirement and benefits) I estimate that my income is below 78k minimum level of recovery. Is there a way to ask them to use my estimated revenue to calculate the clawback premium, so that I can live off the benefit in 2016, instead of having a “wind-blowing” relocation in March 2017, when I will be doing my taxes? Thank you again for your help b I am a permanent resident in Canada after emigrating with my family from Trinidad in 2003, where I lived for 49 years. I participated for 24 years in the social security program in Trinidad, including the three years between 2003 and 2006, when I was living in Canada, but I was employed in a Trinidadian company. Between 2006 and 2009, I worked for a Canadian company in a 28-day rotation cycle to Algeria. Between 2010 and mid-2017, my job required long absences from Canada to the United Arab Emirates and Switzerland. I have consistently maintained my public relations status since the first edition of 1997, paid annual cra taxes from 2003 to 2017 and submitted returns for 2018 and 2019. I receive a PPP of 1716 USD and I applied in January 2019 oAS, GIS and spouse assistance. In February 2019, Service Canada informed me that I was not eligible for the OAS because I had not met the minimum requirement of 10 years of stay in Canada. My case was sent to International Operations for further evaluation.

AND that, in accordance with Section 7, paragraph 1, of Canada`s pension plan, the Governor of the Council may, in accordance with Section 1 of Canada`s pension plan, adopt provisions regarding the integration of insemination into Canada by the government of a country other than Canada, pursuant to an agreement with such a government; Hello Veronica – Your husband is definitely entitled to a CPP pension, and he can also claim the OAS under the Canada-U.S. agreement.