(i) an agreement by the defendant to pay court-appointed legal fees, as determined by the court; and entry into the diversion program does not limit the participant to living only in Oregon. However, there may be conditions of judicial release or conditions for probation on other charges that may require residence in Oregon or notification of travel or relocation to state. An IA DuI is a Class A offence, punishable by up to 364 days in prison. Someone who does not deviate is subject to these penalties and more. I think that every time your freedom is at stake, every precaution must be taken, which means hiring a lawyer who knows the DUI law. In my experience, most people who do not use distraction are those who try to do it on their own. (j) an agreement by the defendant on the payment of restitution if ordered by the court in accordance with ORS 137.108. (e) notification to the defendant that the diversion agreement is considered violated when the court is notified that the defendant committed, at any time during the period of embezzlement, the offence of driving under the influence of narcotics or a violation of ORS 811.170; All drivers who follow the diversion program must go either to an educational class on drug and alcohol abuse or to the treatment of drugs and alcohol. The cost and length of the two programs vary between providers, and the drug and alcohol assessor ADES decides which of the two programs the driver should visit. Entry into the deviation does not affect the implied prohibition of licence that may be imposed in the event of a respiratory error or a blood test or refusal. A challenge to this suspension must be initiated in a separate and previous proceeding (the DMV hearing discussed above). Similarly, entry into the detour does not affect other offences (such as correspondence and running, reckless driving or criminal nonsense). However, some jurisdictions will overturn offences such as speeding when you enter a detour.

The DUII Diversion petition and agreement is your agreement with the court. To reject the DUII charge, you must make the following: The benefits of successful redirection program are: no criminal conviction; No licence suspension based on conviction; No parole No prison or community service; no mandatory filing of SR-22; and fewer fines and fees. First, a year of sobriety and teaching drugs and alcohol. The diversion program is usually 12 months and is very similar to the one released on parole at the bank.