Family conflict refers to active resistance between family members. Due to the nature of family relationships, there can be a variety of forms, including verbal, physical, sexual, financial or psychological. Conflicts may include different combinations of family members: there may be conflicts within the couple or between parents and children, or between siblings. All interpersonal conflicts, whether between family members, romantic partners or groups, have certain elements in common. One of the popular definitions of conflict that Coser (1956) proposes is that conflict is a “struggle for values and claims of limited status, power and resource, in which the objectives of opponents are to neutralize, violate or eliminate the rival” (p. 8). The emphasis on the individual on a collective family unit is seen as a contribution to alienation and a justification for alienation. [10] In individualistic cultures, the foreigner typically justifies alienation in terms of emotional, physical or sexual abuse. Strangers who have been abused often receive emotional support/validation because it may be easier for them to express themselves and get others to understand their experiences. For some victims of psychological or emotional abuse, the damage has been caused for a long time by a characteristic pattern of subtle denialist abuse.

For these individuals, validation can never appear in a valid form, unless it is a professional help. Alienations can also be socially less socially accepted by reduced self-regulation, a reaction to social rejection. [11] Problems of social roles: due to the lack of clarity of the role of each person within the family and the diversity of roles and struggles that leads to disagreement within the family. Of course, money is a big one. From the struggle for inheritance to disagreement over who will pay for aging parents or family events, financial conflict between families tops the list of why families are fighting. If family members feel that they have been treated unfairly or have not given their fair share, they may be resentful for years, perhaps all their lives.