QRC pays Opco the collection and compression costs incurred under this midstream gas services and allocation agreement, which is on the date between Opco and QRC, pursuant to the terms of this agreement for quantities collected in December 2006. With the exception of the existing Vantage collection agreements, vantage-oil and gas properties are not subject to a contradictory dedicting agreement (as defined in the gas collection agreement) and are not otherwise spent on buying and selling, replacing, compressing, collecting, transporting, processing, refining or oil marketing agreement. gas or other hydrocarbons. With respect to the rights arising from currently in force, “Covered Claim” includes all claims for alleged damages or damages resulting from the prior, present or future operation of such an agreement until the date of its natural expiry (i.e., the original expiry date without taking into account an extension or extension of the contract concluded after the effective date). . – QRC and Bluestem are parties to this midstream Services and Gas Dedication Agreement of December 22, 2006, but which will come into effect on December 1, 2006, amended by Amendment 1 on the Midstream Services and Gas Dedication Agreement of August 9, 2007 (“Midstream Services Agreement”). 1.1. Dedicastation. The Board of Directors devotes its entire period of activity to the accomplishment of these tasks.

The parties agree and acknowledge that previous enactment agreements are considered contradictory dedicities within the meaning of this agreement. To the producer`s knowledge, with the exception of saltwater bleeding from wells identified as “Wells Subject to Conflicting Dedications” on Schedule F and earlier dedication agreements, the Dedicated Saltwater is not, as of the effective date, the subject of a contradictory dedication. There are no occupancy, rental or rental rights for the property other than rent and the road assignment contract. CCLC and austin Graduate School (“AISD”) are considering a specific purchase and dedication agreement (“AISD agreement”) whereby CCLC agrees (i) to donate a construction website of a primary school under Parcel 115 and (ii) to grant AISD an option to purchase land within Parcel 101 at fair value for the construction of a secondary school. The dedication clause in an executive commitment agreement defines a staff member`s time obligation in carrying out his or her duties.