CONSIDERING that, at the expiry of their collective agreement, the parties reached an interim agreement on April 30, 2017; If, within 10 days, an arbitrator is not appointed to the arbitrator approved by the parties and defined in section 29.11 of the collective agreement, the parties ask an arbitrator who is unable to elect a chair or, if they are unable to act, appoint a chair from outside Carleton`s university community. (ii) the duration of the temporary transfer, which may not exceed twelve (12) months, unless the worker or workers concerned agree; 29.1 The parties agree that they will do their best to encourage the informal, amicable and prompt resolution of complaints and complaints arising from the interpretation, application, administration or alleged violation of this agreement. However, the parties recognize that one of the cornerstones of collective bargaining is a viable redress procedure that allows for prompt and fair consultation of issues arising from the interpretation, application, administration or alleged violation of the agreement. (a) the parties agree to exchange the information agreed from time to time for the collective bargaining process and/or the management of the collective agreement. No party is required to compile information and statistics in the requested form if such data is not already compiled in the requested form, unless it is required under Article 22.2, point b), or confidential information. b) In particular, the employer provides financial resources to workers who, with the employer`s agreement, implement retraining programs to impede internal transfers and provide for a higher degree of education flexibility. 2. The parties agree to unanimously recommend to their contracting entities the ratification of their interim agreement; (a) an academic commission is selected from three (3) members, one of whom (1) is elected by the president, one (1) of whom is chosen by the association and the third by the first two (2) for both. In the event of a disagreement, the third member is appointed by the Chair of the Schedule A Dismissal Review: The Original Revocation Procedure for Faculty Members; On Thursday, the university and the union announced that they had reached an agreement to fund the benefits package with an emergency injection of $78,000.

The University will also fund its proposed payment of an additional $170,000 in September, which will fund benefits in 2020. 2. The Committee is doing everything in its power to reach agreement on a candidate. However, in cases where the supervisory authority does not agree with the other two members of the Committee, the matter is referred to the university librarian, who immediately submits to the peer review committee their resolution of this disagreement. b) If, in accordance with item 19.1 a), the application for leave without pay is taken into account, given due due consideration to the proper functioning of the academic program and the needs of the students. Permission may be denied if it would have a negative impact on the academic program or on the needs of students. Unpaid leave covered by this section may not normally exceed two (2) consecutive years, with the exception of section 19.3 political leave, except by mutual agreement between the employer and the worker.