Good morning, Lulu. Yes, even if you stay with the same financial company, it`s a brand new contract and a credit check. Credit quality verification is part of the whole process, although it is important. If you reapply with the same financial company, you will of course see that your payment history has been exemplary, so they will take it into account as part of the overall application. However, all financial companies have rules that they must comply with, so it depends on the general circumstances of your credit history and your new financing application. Your financial situation on your current car will be just better as you pay more and more from the financing, so there is no urgency to change the car (your net deposit for your next car will just increase as each month passes), so you should ideally wait until you really want or need to change the car before changing your car. If it`s great now, it`s great, but there`s no pressure on you to make a decision. We brought a brand new car in July of last year, on finance on a deal I thought was HP and I`m now discovering is PCP. We are 11 Mths in agreement – the car had sat in the dealership for over 6 Wks of parts waiting for a technical problem (we gave a courtesy car).

We want to get out of the PCP, is that possible? – we deposited a 10k deposit on a 36k car, in a market of 48 meters. It has not been explained to me about the final refund etc – bin actually has) stupid feeling, if you do not do it before b) Cross to the dealer not to tell me everything (a large federal dealer) What would be the best option? Thank you, Laura. LEX tends to finance fleets and business customers, so their terms of purchase could be very different from those of other companies. I do not think they offer a PCP, even though they have a contractual purchase option that is for small businesses. If you use your vehicle for personal use more than professional use, a business finance option is generally not the best choice. I am 20 months into a 37 month PCP with Fiat / FGA Capital for a fiat 500 1.2 Salon 2013 Platte. Cash Price (TTC) 11,810.00 USD Fiat Contribution 500 USD My deposit 1,500 USD Amount for financing of 9,810 USD Interest charges 766.96 USD Balance 10. $576.96 36 Monthly Payments of $164.86 Last payment $4,642 Option fee with final payment $285 Total payable 12,861.96 APR 4.7% Hi Stuart, I bought a car on a PCP contract last May.