(d) Web license View and royalty. Segami delivers Digirad effective January 1, 2005 and subject to all the provisions of this Agreement, a non-exclusive global sublicensing license to an unlimited number of end-users (including customers of Doctors Digirad Imaging Solution) related to the sale and use of products unlimited access to Web View, a program allowing the remote display of data processed by Mirage software (and its successor programs) via a web browser. The Web Vue license is free for Digirad until December 31, 2005. Subsequently, Digirad`s annual licence fee for the Web Vue license per year, payable no later than ten (l0) days in advance after the start of a calendar year. In the event that all royalties (including all payments made by Digirad to Segami) are exclusively the flat-rate licence fee for the Web View product covered in Section 2, (d) Segami was paid in a calendar year for the duration of this agreement and begins, satisfies or exceeds the 2005 calendar year , Segami has the right to increase by one-unit all prices of the A-1 appendix of the basic software effective January 1 of the following year. If, subsequently, all royalties (including all payments made by Digirad to Segami, exclusively the flat-rate licence fee for the Web Vue product covered in Section 2(d) only), paid by segami in a calendar year equal to or greater than `O`, the flat-rate prices listed in Schedule A apply again. 13.1 Segami ensures that the basic software is compatible with Microsoft Windows 2000 software and works with them. Digirad pays segami these additional licensing fees as follows. After sublicensing the end user, Digirad will make a written order for the purchase of new licenses from Segami.

At the time of ordering, Digirad must pay a down payment of $1 per unit under a license order. The remaining licence fee for each licensed unit must be paid within 90 days of ordering from Segami. Notwithstanding the above provisions, all orders for updates or revised versions, on the one hand, or basic software or interface development, on the other, are tested with the v5.310 version of the Segamis software, copies of which are managed by Digirad and Segami; and Digirad`s SPECT iterative reconstruction software must be tested with Segami v5.308b software, copies of which must also be kept by Digirad and Segami. If the malfunction does not occur during such a test, the malfunction is probably caused by the basic software and/or the development of interfaces. With the exception of the Shine feature, existing digirad customers can update their existing core software at no extra cost with all the additional software features described in the D-1 exposure. Existing digirad customers, whose basic SPECT software does not now contain, do not receive new basic software capable of SPECT, Unless Digirad pays segami per customer an additional dollar – For all existing digirad customers who receive an upgrade, Digirad makes its own acquisition module available if an acquisition is required, and Digirad ensures that the display hardware is capable or equipped with a graphic resolution of at least 1280 x 1024 and Open GL compatible. Digirad labels its Interfile headers with the original key system set on Digirad instead of Mirage. This will tell Segami`s software that it is a Digirad file and that Segami Software should allow the importation of studies marked by rotations other than 180 degrees or 360 degrees. (3) Basic software must be available for licenses in (a) SPECT-compatible configurations and (b) non-SPECT configurations, limited to license upgrades sold to Digirad customers before January 1, 2005.